WHAT IS HOOZHOO.CO.ZA? will get you the recognition that you deserve. No matter your profession, happy customers are happy customers, the more you have, the better your chances of getting new business. is South Africa's Exclusive Business Rating Site. Your customer ratings build your business’s credibility portfolio and let you stand out from the pack!


An online business portfolio that is exposed to external traffic and potential customers, allowing web users to browse business categories to see which businesses offer the integrity and service that they expect.

These qualities, having been verified and confirmed by your customers, will give your business the credibility and recognition it deserves.

The rating criteria are designed to tell potential customers, at a glance, who the best rated people are to deal with in any chosen category.

Online visitors are able to make contact instantly from your listing via phone, email or web. It is important to note that 82% of consumers, who search online, follow up with online action.

Online advertising is the fastest growing advertising medium in the world. We will be dedicating much time and effort into generating traffic for all portfolios listed with us. The site is optimised continuously to improve your search visibility in global search engines.


To maintain the integrity of this site and its rating system, reserves the right to verify ratings at any time. This includes verifying the legitimacy of your ratings on this site as well as the legitimacy of the services that you propose to offer on this site. reserves the right to confiscate rating points at their discretion if ratings are in doubt and cannot be reasonably verified.

As a subscriber you will receive a [Rate our Service] button which can be integrated into your web site, social pages, blog, email signatures or company stationary. Your past and existing customers can then go to your site at any time and click the button to rate you on

The rating criteria consist of important areas that determine what overall impression you leave on your customers. Complaints and Recommendations may be submitted by users but can only be viewed by you.

These criteria may include things like: 'Customer Satisfaction', 'Value for money' and 'Service Delivery'. You will receive an overall rating average which will determine your position on the category pages.

You will be notified via email of each new rating. There are no negative ratings but poor ratings will serve to slow your progress in rising to the top of your business category.